Why Querywhore? The first project I queried was a non-fiction book. I wrote a book proposal, I sent it out to then agents, then twenty, then thirty, along the way I had about 15 requests to read the proposal, and within 1 month I had an agent. Easy as pie, right? Then I wrote a novel. Two years later and after over 50 full manuscript request for two different novels, and over 100 agents queried, I realized that the road is not easy, even if you've got a great query (which apparently I had) - it was my MS that needed work, not my query. Since then I have helped dozens of friends and writers with their query letters and helped them get those full manuscript requests too. Now I work as a publishing professional. Since I like to help people, I decided to start this site.  

Why now? Because the book industry and publishing community is harder than ever to crack into and writers need all the help they can get. Plus I like to build and create communities. It's fun. I like to help people too - in a way that I wish I had been helped when I was going through the process myself.  

Why do you care? Because I'm a writer and a reader and a lover of literature and I was there once, and it's not called query hell for nothing. But if you have a good query, you are halfway there. It's not everything, as I learned the hard way, but it opens doors. It's amazing how many writers can have a kick-ass manuscript but a crap query letter.  

Will you write my query for me? Nope.  

What will you do? If you send me a query you've already written I will be happy to HELP you rewrite it. I will offer my suggestions and opinions based on my experience both as a successful query writer myself and as an industry professional.  

Do you read first chapters too? Maybe. If I'm in the mood. If you catch me on a good day. For the most part, no. Check the forums though for others who might be willing to.  

Do you read full manuscripts? No. I do that full time at my job. But again, check the forums under "beta-readers" and see if there is anyone out there who can help. I found some of my best beta-readers on author/writer sites such as this one. But don't expect someone to read your manuscript and help you with it unless you are willing to reciprocate.  

Are your services free? Absolutely. But if I helped you and you feel like you want to say thanks, I am happy to accept donations to fund the operating costs of this site and to put towards future contest awards and more!

Want to join the Querywhore team?
Are you an agented writer? A publishing professional? A professional writer or editor? Just a struggling writer like the rest of us but you know you write great queries? Do you like to help people as much as I do? Email me and we can chat! querywhore (at) gmail (dot) com

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